DX10 Missing Night Textures Fix

It’s rather interesting that I seem to have a fix for a problem that strictly speaking doesn’t exist!

Here is default London at night with the latest fix that I am testing.

And this is what default DX10 shows. Spot the difference!

Clearly the Dome is missing, several buildings at canary wharf. Also I don’t know if the resolution of the web page is good enough but if you can zoom in you will find that all the bridges including Tower Bridge and missing along with the London Eye. Now this sort of issue is always attributed on forums to DX10 “missing night textures” – which is odd when you think about it because if there were missing textures then the buildings would surely appear white/blue?

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I don't use FSX that much. But I am very annoyed when it doesn't work properly!
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  1. Serkan says:


    I have this problem when I start FSX at dusk or at night time. Taxi2gate LTBA scenery

    Would it be a solution to the problem?

  2. stevefsx says:

    Chapter 7 legacy – legacy airport lights. About pg48. This is a blog, best to post support questions on one of the avsim dx10 forums such as the commercial support forum, or email me at the support email listed in the manual with details of your purchase

  3. kambiz says:

    and where can i find lightfield?

  4. kambiz says:

    my problem is after install dx10fixer at airports at night ,when airplan load at runway some of lights at far is on,
    but after 4-6 second lights become off and image become dark.and when light bloom is on,the runway lights have
    bad halo. Are you working on any DX10 fixes for that issue as well?

  5. Robert Leurs says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your various DX10 fixes! The main remaining problem for me as a DX10 FSX user are the airport sceneries which do not display the airport ground textures at dusk and dawn. Are you working on any DX10 fixes for that issue as well?

    • stevefsx says:

      I am not aware of such a problem – which airports?

      • Robert Leurs says:

        Many of the Aerosoft and Flytampa airports, I believe. I have recently experienced the problem myself with FlyTampa Athens, for example, and with the FlightSim Development Group Sharm el Sheikh airport as well. The same issue occurs with my LH Simulations payware airport of Gyor-Per and Bony. Interestingly, however, this issue does not occur with airport sceneries from other providers such as Orbx, Pacific island Simulations and Latin VFR, which appear to be DX10 compatible, even at dusk and dawn. Perhaps they are using different ground textures? If so, I was wondering whether any such DX9 compatible textures could be made DX10 compatible, or whether DX10 could also be ‘fixed’ to display DX9 textures?

      • stevefsx says:

        Sorry I have none of those airports so cannot look. Your only option is to contact the providers. I doubt it’s a texture issue, I haven’t seen any dx10 issues with textures. The disappearing bridges at night was often attributed to textures yet was something else altogether.

    • stevefsx says:


      There is a new dx10 forum at avsim. People there are reporting some success with Addon converter x to convert textures. You could post there and ask if it fixes the airports you have mentioned.

  6. Meddy says:

    you deserve a medal for what you are doing

  7. stevefsx says:

    Thank you Gerard, its a pleasure.

  8. Gerard Cabezón says:

    Hi dude,

    Honestly, since Bojote discovered all fsx.cfg parameters that allowed a great leap in the performance of FSX, I thought there was nothing more to be discovered that could improve this great and unfinished simulator.

    The contributions are made ​​are of a level and have a merit comparable to Jesus Altuve (Bojote).

    I can only thank you for all this great work.

    Kind regards,


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