Lights One More Time Continued – Blending

In the previous couple of posts I have looked at how changes in texture affect the display of DX10 aircraft lights.

I want to quickly start by experimenting with blend characteristics. The fix that I posted on avsim doesn’t use changes in texture but uses a different blend state for the first light. My expectation therefore is if all the lights have the same texture and so all that appears is the shine on the aircraft then makinga light use a different belnd to the commonplace blend=2 will make subsequent lights appear.

I think I may need more lights for the later tests so I have increased the number to 6


//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit

light.0 = 1, -2.76, 18.00, 2.97, TESTRED

light.1 = 2, -2.76, 10.11, 2.97, TESTBLUE

light.2 = 3, -2.76, 4.11, 2.97, TESTGREEN

light.3 = 1, -2.76, -4.11, 2.97, TESTRED

light.4 = 2, -2.76, -10.11, 2.97, TESTBLUE

light.5 = 3, -2.76, -18.11, 2.97, TESTGREEN


All textures are fx_2.bmp

Test 7

This is a control, all textures are fx_2.bmp -so we expect just to see the shine on the wing

As expected! Interestingly when viewed from outside you do sometimes see the orb of a light for a second or so right at the start – so its as if FSX gets it right when setting the light up but messes up the subsequent refresh cycle? I did try playing around altering the emitter and particle lifetimes but it seemed to have no effect.

Test 8

I have added in a small fx_2.bmp light with blend mode as light 0 – the setup is


//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit

light.0 = 1, -2.76, 0.00, 2.97, ballast

light.1 = 2, -2.76, 18.00, 2.97, TESTRED

light.2 = 3, -2.76, 10.11, 2.97, TESTBLUE

light.3 = 3, -2.76, 4.11, 2.97, TESTGREEN

light.4 = 2, -2.76, -4.11, 2.97, TESTRED

light.5 = 3, -2.76, -10.11, 2.97, TESTBLUE

light.6 = 3, -2.76, -18.11, 2.97, TESTGREEN

In the fix this light is made small and invisible and I suggest adding one to each bus to negate the effects of turning the lights on in different sequences. For this test I have made the ballast light visible, it has a white shine but with a blend mode of 1 I expect it to be a black square if it appears.

So as expected the six lights become visible and the dummy ballats light isn’t – it came on first and as in the texture examples doesn’t get displayed.

Test 9

I turned the lights off, and turned them on in the sequence Nav,Beacon, Strobe. SO the first light to come on should be light.2 and the other lights on the nav circuit share the same charactersistics so they won’t appear. The ballast light is next and has a different blend mode so it should appear and then the reds on the strobe circuit are after the first alteration in light charcateristics and so should appear.

As promised. You can see that the ballast light is now visible and because of the way the blend mode works has a translucent square


So it seems that as I thought, that ignoring emitters that shine, FSX in DX10 mode makes a mistake with the first emitter such that the light (orb) is not visible. This continues for all subsequent emitters that have the same texture and blend mode. A change in either of these breaks the sequence and every light following that displays normally as per DX9.

Still to come – flashing lights!



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