Lights One More Time

Ok my intention here is to confirm (hopefully) and refine the theory that I went over last time that FSX in DX10 mode makes a mess of the very first visual effect emitter and that this is inherited by subsequent lights until a light has a significant change like a different texture or Blend setting. Previously I believed that the fx2 texture was special but reflecting upon everything I had begun to suspect that its just the first emitter that fails.

Pimp My Flight !

Red = fx_2, Green=fx_2, Blue=fx_2

Texture Experiments

This is a Cessna with three simple lights located a few feet above the wings. Each Light is an effect with two emitters the first has the Light=1 property and so its just a shine onto the aircraft and the second is a glowing orb. In the first example above all three lights use the texture fx_2.bmp. All we see are the gleaming wings. The other lights are attached to the plane and don’t seem to affect this at all.

Test 1

I changed the first light defined in aircraft.cfg (which is the red light effect) to use a different texture fx_2SJP.bmp. (which is just a renamed copy of fx2!) the result is below.

Red = fx_2SJP, Green=fx_2, Blue=fx_2

The green and blue orbs now appear whilst the red one is missing.

Test 2

I changed the last light to be fx_2SJP.bmp as well – so reusing the same texture as first light

Red = fx_2SJP, Green=fx_2, Blue=fx_2SJP

So the same result – the fx_2SJP texture is ok on its second use.

Test 3

I changed the last light to be fx_2SJP.bmp and reverted the third light to fx2.bmp – My theory being that we will see only the third light!

Eh Voila!

Red = fx_2SJP, Green=fx_2SJP, Blue=fx_2

Test 4

To double check I repeated the last test using fx2 for the first two lights and fx2SJP for the last. I wanted to make sure that there was nothing special about one of the textures.

Red = fx_2, Green=fx_2, Blue=fx_2SJP

Same as test 3.

In the next posts I shall look at changing the light start up order i.e make the three lights attach to different buses and play with the plane light switches, look at bloom and see if it acts like a texture change (which I am sure that it will) and finally investigate the effects of flashing lights.

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