Lights One More Time Continued

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In this post I want to confirm that the startup sequence of lights works as I expect. In the previous post we had three lights, Red Green and Blue that were defined in aircraft.cfg as the first 3 lights.


//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit

light.0 = 3, -2.76, 10.11, 2.97, TESTRED

light.1 = 3, -2.76, -4.11, 2.97, TESTGREEN

light.2 = 3, -2.76, -18.11, 2.97, TESTBLUEWhat we saw was that the red light never appeared and that the green and blue or blue alone could be made to appear by changing the texture.


This time I have altered the config like this so that the 3 lights are on different buses and associated with different switches.

light.0 = 1, -2.76, 10.11, 2.97, TESTRED

light.1 = 2, -2.76, -4.11, 2.97, TESTGREEN

light.2 = 3, -2.76, -18.11, 2.97, TESTBLUE


I kept the texture mappings of the last test so

Red = fx_2.cmp, Green=fx_2.cmp, Blue=fx_2SJP.bmp

Test 5

Turn on the beacon, strobe and nav lights in that order. So this is the same sequence as before and I expect to see just the blue light!

Seq = beacon (R),strobe(G),nav (B)

As expected we see the same thing as before. I saw the red glow, then the green got added and finally the blue light and glow came on


Test 5

This time I reverse the sequence, so I turn on the nav light first, then the strobe and then the beacon. I don’t expect to see the blue but I should see the other two as the texture changes from the blue to the green.

Seq = ,nav (B),strobe(G), beacon(R)

Yes! That’s the first time we have seen the red. As an aside its interesting to compare the sizes of the lights – I didn’t change the scale at all – I just seems that the texture used causes blue lights to be bigger than green and green is bigger than blue.

Test 6

Lets try Strobe, Nav, Beacon. So we shouldn’t see green but we should see the other two – as the texture changes going from Green to Blue.

Again as expected. So the latest theory is holding up.

Still to come, lights that flash, impact on lights that don’t have a shine.

Also need to confirm that blend operates as I think as an alternative to changing texture.





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