DX10 Lights part 2

In the previous blog entry I explained that there was no magic fix to the non-working nav lights with DX10.

However having looked into it further I have now found a way to more or less fix any single plane – at least one with basic lights

So here is the Cessna with working nav lights in DX10

The basic idea is that although DX10 doesn’t draw the lights at all it does draw an effect of the light shining on the aircraft. What I did was modify this effect. It isn’t trivial because FSX constrains the effect to only shine in the direction of the plane.

So what I did was create a red nav light effect and associate it with the starboard wing tip and the give it an offset equal to the width of the wings. So the red light you see in the picture is actually an effect located at the other end of the far wing! With a bit of fiddling I managed to get this to work for the strobes and nav lights.

The new nav lights only show when the landing lights are on mind!  Frustratingly even though they are set as nav lights FSX is deciding that the absence of the Light flag in the effect means that they should be turned of by ctrl-L

I was less successful with the orange beacon. I can only get the light to work facing forward and I have had to disable the shine onto the plane as I couldn’t keep the flashing in sync with two effects.

I shall tidy this up next week and post instructions onto Avsim.

The essential idea is to replace the following lights config light.0 = 3,  -2.76,  -18.11, 2.97, fx_navred


light.0 = 3,  -2.76,  -18.11, 2.95, fx_lightc172navgreen

Where the new effect has offsets against the emmitters like this

X Offset=11.1, 11.1

Currently the effect is tied to the dimensions of a particular plane, but i am trying to see if I could offset by 100m and so reuse the same effect for multiple planes.  Its tricky as I cannot figure the various units used!

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