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What is a Buffer Pool?

It occurred to me that the postings so far were done with [BufferPools] UsePools=0. Although that doesn’t really change what I was looking for –i.e how many drawcalls it takes, its interesting to try and see how BufferPools work – … Continue reading

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Autogen trees and Vertex Buffers

In order to display a frame FSX needs to assemble together three things Textures Vertex and Index Buffers Draw Instructions The drawcalls we were looking at were only showing us the final third of this. So how does FSX work … Continue reading

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FSX DX10 Texture Flashing

As everyone who has tried the FSX DX10 preview knows, there are problems with flashing textures. This is particularly the case at airports where sections of the tarmac often flash. Someone on AVSIM (sorry I don’t recall who) very cleverly … Continue reading

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FSX Draw calls

The following tests were carried out using the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer and Monitor . Although I don’t have an Intel card it makes it possible to instrument the DX9 API and have a look how FSX works under the … Continue reading

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